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Protective Care Lasts a Lifetime with Pet Vaccinations

Madison Veterinary Hospital follows the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines for vaccinating your canine and feline companions. Typically, a vaccination schedule will be set up at the first Wellness Exam and ongoing checkups will be arranged around this schedule.

The type and frequency of vaccines are made on an individual basis. We consider age, breed, lifestyle, and travel habits to tailor a unique immunization protocol.

The following is an example of both canine and feline vaccination schedules.


Types of canine vaccines that may be recommended are:

Puppy Series

Typical vaccines may include:


Types of feline vaccines that may be recommended are:

Kitten Series

Typical vaccines may include:

For owners of pocket pets or other small animals, we will discuss the need for vaccines at your Wellness Exam. Every companion animal deserves the best protection available from serious or deadly diseases.

Remember, too, that protecting your pet also protects you and your family from some transmittable diseases. Read more about diseases transmitted from animals, called zoonotic diseases, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

Vaccines are just the first step in preventive care. Learn about Heartworm and Flea Prevention for your pet.

White Labrador Retriever playing at obstacle park
It was such a relief to know Jessie was in good hands after her knee surgery until we could get back to her.
— Raker Family