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Veterinary Dentistry: Preserve Teeth to Extend Life

Madison Veterinary Hospital offers pet care professionals with both experience and advanced training in veterinary dental care and restorative dentistry.

Periodontal disease affects more than 80% of our adult pets, resulting in gingivitis, plaque, tooth mobility, pockets, and receding gums. Food particles and bacteria build up in the mouth, forming plaque and tartar. This leads to problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums, and even tooth loss.

As the bacteria that cause periodontal disease travels into a pet’s bloodstream, it results in damage to the heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. By taking care of your pet’s teeth, you not only prevent periodontal disease but you help your pet live a longer and healthier life.

We recommend following the AAHA guidelines for pet dental health: oral exams by either a technician or your veterinarian at least once yearly. Between cleanings, we recommend daily home dental care for a healthy oral cavity. At the oral exam, we will discuss your pet’s need for professional dental cleaning and will recommend a cleaning schedule tailored to your needs.

We offer our clients both experienced veterinary dental professionals and state-of-the-art technology for the finest in pet dental care. Digital dental radiographs highlight details that no ordinary X-rays can.

For dental therapy and surgery, be assured that we use the safest anesthesia possible for your pet. This anesthetic is completely reversible — if your pet develops a decrease in heart rate or blood pressure, we are able to immediately withdraw the medication to avert an anesthetic emergency.

Pet Dental Health Professional at Work

Training, technology, and excellent care make Madison Veterinary Hospital your first choice for veterinary dental care needs.

Learn more about basic dental care and home maintenance of your pet’s teeth on our Oral & Dental Care page or Contact Us with your questions about Pet Dentistry.

We always felt guilty for boarding Casey, but your hospital was her home away from home, she was always excited to come there.
— Jerauld Family
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