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Grooming for the Health and Well-Being of Your Pet

Grooming isn’t just about appearances. Good pet hygiene can help your cat or dog feel more comfortable. It can also help detect parasites, such as fleas and ticks, and facilitate early detection of medical conditions involving the skin and coat.

During the visit, your pet will receive a warm bath with gentle shampoo, professional groom with ear hair plucking, sanitary clip, and nail trim. You can also request special treament, such as anal gland expression, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and medicated baths, at an additional cost. You may even wish to consider combining your companion’s annual wellness exam with a visit to the groomer for a bit of extra pampering after the check up.

Our professional groomers, Dana Rovere, and Lindsay Riner, have experience with all breeds and hair types in both cats and dogs and can groom your companion to your specifications. They are trained to look for problems that could be harmful to your pet, such as a medical condition with the skin and coat. If any of our staff notices such conditions during the grooming process, we will inform you immediately and schedule an appointment with a doctor if necessary.

Grooming is by appointment only, Mondays through Saturdays.

Call us at 256-837-9171 to discuss your grooming needs and to schedule an appointment for your special pet.

Pet Grooming at Madison Veterinary Hospital

In between visits to our grooming salon, enjoy this article from WebMD Pets on grooming your favorite feline.

Thanks for helping with the stray dog. Your generosity with vet attention andthe insight you gave will help us find a home for him.
— Foss Family
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