Unleashed Dog Camp in Madison, AL

Cage-free, leash-free, all-day play Monday through Friday.

Between work, shopping, and chauffeuring the kids to activities, we often leave our dogs alone at home. This can lead to behavior or anxiety problems, especially for puppies and adolescents. Dogs are social animals and without the benefit of other dogs and people to keep them busy, they get bored and lonely, which can lead to anger and destructiveness. Unleashed Dog Camp is a safe environment for your dog to be stimulated while you are out juggling the rest of your life.

At Unleashed Dog Camp, your dog gets the freedom to do what your dog loves to do. We make it our priority to understand and provide the kind of experience your dog wants and needs in a safe environment. Unleashed Dog Camp provides a secure and social place for your dog to romp when they want to romp and rest when they want to rest. We've got more play space than anyone in Madison, with over 8,000 square feet of outdoor play yard, teeter, and tunnels. They can rest when they want to rest and snooze on the couch, bean bag, or lap.

Outdoor activities vary by pet. Some enjoy watching birds, chasing friends, playing on the teeter, running through the tunnel, or lying in the sunshine. With all this activity, dogs need their rest too. There is a scheduled rest period to gear back up for the afternoon play sessions.

Camp Enrollment Form

Unleashed Dog Camp Enrollment Form (PDF)—download this form, fill it out, and bring it into our clinic.